About Hostwaves

Hostwaves Technology (co. reg. 002056806-A), operated at Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia, provides business leading edge hosting services to businesses on their hosting needs. With 5 years experience (since 2005) in the hosting environment, Hostwaves delivers a continuum of hosting services ranging from shared hosting services to advanced complex hosting services that best suit your hosting needs. From do-it-yourself to fully manage hosting services, Hostwaves has all the hosting needs you are looking for.

Being dedicated to maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of a client's IT hosting needs, Hostwaves is responsive to clients need's and aims to offer reliable, quality and economical hosting and data centre services. While our foundation was first based from web design firm, today Hostwaves hosted more than 150 domains and more than 110 customers. Our clients range from small and medium scale industries, public listed companies to multi-national corporations. Our main data center is located in Equinix Chicago, US - a place which known as one of the most advanced infrastructure city in the world, and also BlueSquare, Maideenhead, London with fast connection to Asia and European region.

Why Would You Choose Hostwaves?

1. Profesional Ticket Based Support
We provide 24/7 emergency ticket based support to assist any technical problems.

2. High Quality Server
We have high quality Dual Intel XeonPro Quadcore with 8GB EEC DDR RAM installed on the US node and Intel XeonPro Quadcore with 4GB ECC DDR RAM on the UK node, large storage space with daily backup to the second hdd drive, weekly backup to offsite Amazon S3 bucket, and a high speed Internet connectivity on 100mbps port.

3. Complete Hosting Features
We give all our client a cPanel control panel with cPanel Pro, a award winning & leading web hosting automation software in LINUX, which provide a complete hosting features and ease of use to manage and configure your website.

4. 99% Server and Network Uptime Guarantee
Server Uptime is one of our most concern part. We have a profesional team 24/7 to operate and monitor the server.

5. Competitive Price
Price is very competive in web hosting industry. We guarantee will always offer you the lower price and give you the quality service and support. Low price does't mean cheap quality, we can ensure you will enjoy the quality hosting feature and satisfy with us.

6. Fast Account Activation
We will activate your account within 12 hours after verifying your payment. Reseller account will take at least 1 business day to activate.

7. Free Hosting Transfer
Want to move your current hosting to us? But don't know how to transfer? Just give us your current hosting details and we will do the less for you. Your website won't notice any down time during transfer. We do all this for FREE!

8. No Hidden Charge
You only need to pay the price that listed on the site. We had clearly list out all our pricing on the website. We don't have any hidden charge like setup fee, support fee or consultant fee. We provide all these for free.

9. Privacy Assured
We respects your privacy and you just need to disclose whatever you want when you host with us. You can remain anonymous as we accept anonymous payment options through cash deposit. However, we do not accept illegal content. You must agree with our Terms of Usage when using our service.

10. 7-Days Money Back Guarantee
We give you the guarantee. Within the 7 days upon your account activation, you may request for full refund if you not satisfied with our service.


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