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Online payment gateway provides infrastructure that allows website to accept credit card or electronic cheque. In addition, you can accept mail order, telephone order (MOTO) from call centers and retail sale. In other words, an online payment gateway virtually replaces the traditional credit card swipe machine you find in the physical retail world. It captures your customers’ payment data and securely communicates with the appropriate financial institution to process and deposit proceeds into your merchant account.

Even though you are already accepting credit card for your products or services from your shop, you are required to have an Internet Merchant Account. However, there are packages that does not require you to do so. This is possible because the online payment provider provide a shared account.

Accepting Online Payment in Malaysia

A) Malaysia Online Payment Provider
nbepay online payment Online credit card payment through Malaysian acquirer merchant bank account, such as Maybank, OCBC Bank, Bumiputra-Commerce Bank, Public Bank, Citibank and Ambank, links through GHL Systems, payment gateway to MEPS (Malaysia Electronic Payment System). In additional to the online credit card payment, other online payment methods that available are direct debit via Internet Banking (e.g. Maybank2u) atau SMS. SuccessIdeaWeb.com is an authorized online payment integrator with NBePay System, a MSC Status Company. The following payment mode are supported :

accept credit card malaysia
  online payment malaysia


(B) International Online Payment Provider
There are trades off for both solutions and our solution will help you to analysis the most suitable solution that helps your online business to grow. The meet your requirement and personal choice, we also able to integrate to the following online payment provider  :

2checkout malaysia paypal malaysiaworldpay malaysia

Payment gateway common fees structure and terms

Different providers offer different packages and features. If you a Malaysian business, you have to know whether you can withdraw your money in the local bank. You also need to know if US merchant account is required. We would like to stres out that, we are not an online payment provider; we a web developer who has the capabilities to integrate your website with the above providers. In addition, we would also advise you on accepting online payment in general, setup your secure website (SSL certificate) to accept online payment and giving you an analysis in selecting your provider based on your requirement and optimal fees (this is reflacted by the amount of transaction you would expect from online payment).



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